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950 Litre Potable Water Tank

950 Litre Potable Water Tank

Platinum Tanks range of large capacity potable water tanks are suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural use. The entire range is manufactured from UV stabilised linear low density polyethylene to protect the product from UV degradation. Every single skin water tank is fitted with a standard 1” BSP outlet for ease of installation, a 1/2” float valve and a gauge bung which can be removed in order to fit an ultrasonic sensor at a later date.

The manufacturing process adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and all single skin water storage tanks are visually inspected for defects throughout production and prior to loading. All single skin liquid storage tanks are pneumatically pressure tested to ensure maximum product quality.

Warning: To ensure uniform loading of the product, liquid storage tanks must be installed on a flat non-deformable, non-combustible base which extends 300mm from the product on all sides. When full the tank will expand, a gap of 100m should be left surrounding the product to accommodate this expansion. To avoid leakage, the 1” outlet must be held while fitting the pipework to the tank. Failure to meet these requirements will void all warranties on the product.

As Standard

  • 1” BSP Outlet
  • Gauge Bung
  • 1/2” Float Valve


  • Ultrasonic Content Gauge
  • Sight Gauge
  • Clock Gauge
  • 2” Fill Point
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