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Forecourt Bunker

Forecourt Bunker

The Platinum Forecourt Bunker provides a secure lockable display unit for shops and forecourts. It is also ideal for households as a storage container.

  • Available in Blue, Black, Green & Red.
  • They are rot and rust proof.
  • The Forecourt Bunker is manufactured from a UV stabilized medium grade polyethylene.
  • The Forecourt Bunker is suitable for storing products such as coal, briquettes and wood. Typical capacity of bunker is 30 x 25kg bags.
  • The lid of the Forecourt Bunker is fully retractable for displaying products.


Length: 1910mm
Width: 1060mm
Height: 1040mm
Capacity: 30 * 25kg bags
Warranty: 1 Year on Manufacturing Defects
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