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25 Gal Standard Closed Water Tank

25 Gal Standard Closed Water Tank

Platinum Tanks range of cold water attic storage tanks are manufactured to European quality standards and the manufacturing process adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. Every closed water tank comes with lids fitted and a float valve backing plate for easy installation of the float valve and overflow fitting.

Each product is visually inspected for defects using a light source and again prior to loading.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Inspect all tanks before installation as damage may occur during transport
  2. Ensure that the tank is fully supported
  3. Use a hole saw to drill holes in the tank
  4. The centre of the float valve should be 38mm from the top of the tank
  5. Do not install the tank close to a heat source such as a light or heater

Warning: To ensure uniform loading of the product, water storage tanks must be installed on a flat non-deformable base which extends beyond the product on all sides. Failure to meet this requirement will void all warranties on the product.

As Standard

  • Polytank Lids
  • Float Valve Backing Plate


  • Drip Tray
Length: 690mm (27″)
Width: 515mm (20″)
Height: 520mm (20″)
Capacity: 114 Litres (25 Gallons)
Warranty: 1 Year on Manufacturing Defects
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