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12 Gallon Livestock Drinker

12 Gallon Livestock Drinker

  • Manufactured from medium/high density polyethylene.
  • Robust construction by design.
  • UV stabilised and suitable for all weather conditions.
  • All Platunum Drinkers come complete with 1/2 inch high pressure ball valves as standard. The design of the ball housing helps ensure the animals cannot damage the ball valve. They can also be fitted with larger ball valves on request.
  • Drinkers are maintenance free.
  • The livestock drinkers are very durable and lightweight thus making moving from pasture to pasture easy.
  • 54 Litres / 12 Gallons.
  • All drinkers need to be handled with care.


Length: 680mm
Width: 445mm
Height: 355mm
Capacity: 54 Litres (12 Gallons)
Warranty: 1 Year on Manufacturing Defects
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